Modeling the Factors Affecting Unsafe Behavior in the Construction Industry from Safety Supervisors' Perspective

Yahya Khosravi, Hassan Asilian-Mahabadi, Ebrahim Hajizadeh, Narmin Hassanzadeh-Rangi, Hamid Bastani, Ali Khavanin, Seyed Bagher Mortazavi


Background: There can be little doubt that the construction is the most hazardous industry in the worldwide. This study was designed to modeling the factors affecting unsafe behavior from the perspective of safety supervisors.

Methods: The qualitative research was conducted to extract a conceptual model. A structural model was then developed based on a questionnaire survey (n=266) by two stage Structural Equation Model (SEM) approach.

Results: An excellent confirmed 12-factors structure explained about 62% of variances unsafe behavior in the construction industry. A good fit structural model indicated that safety climate factors were positively correlated with safety individual factors (P<0.001) and workplace safety condition (P<0.001). The workplace safety condition was found to play a strong mediating role in linking the safety climate and construction workers’ engagement in safe or unsafe behavior.

Conclusions: In order to improve construction safety performance, more focus on the workplace condition is required.


Unsafe behavior; Structural Equation Modeling; construction industry

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