The Impact of Training on Women’s Capabilities in Modifying Their Obesity-Related Dietary Behaviors: Applying Family-Centered Empowerment Model

Maryam Mataji Amirrood, Mohammad Hosein Taghdisi, Farzad Shidfar, Mahmood Reza Gohari


Background: Dietary behaviors affect obesity; therefore, it seems necessary to conduct interventions to modify behavioral patterns leading to weight-gain in the family. Our goal was to determine the impact of training on women’s capabilities in modifying their obesity-related dietary behaviors in Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran: applying family-centered empowerment model.

Methods: A quasi-experimental study with Pretest-Posttest design was conducted on 90 over-weight/obese women in 2012 in two Health Centers of Urmia. Convenience sampling was done and the participants were randomly assigned to two ‘test’ and ‘control’ groups. Data collection was done by completing the demographic data questionnaire, the empowerment tool and dietary behavior checklist. The intervention was conducted in the form of 6 educational classes held for the ‘test’ group. After two months, posttest was performed by completing the forms once again. Data were analyzed with descriptive tests, t-tests, Chi2 and Fischer’s test.

Results: The dietary behavior scores of the intervention group had risen from 7.4±2.11 to 9.95±2.41 (P<0.001), and the good dietary behaviors had risen from 21.4% to 61.9% (P=0.002). The ‘good’ capability level of this group had risen from 23.8% to 97.61% (P<0.001), and their mean capability score had risen from 54.61±7.34 to 70.26±6.04 (P<0.001). However, the changes were not significant in the control group.

Conclusions: The educational intervention performed whit applying family-centered empowerment model in this study was proven effective in women. Hence it is advised to consider it in behavior changing interventions to promote the health of the family and community.


Family-Centered Empowerment; Dietary Behaviors; Obesity; Women; Iran

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