Epidemiology and Trend of Cancer in Yazd, a Central Province of Iran, 2005-2009

Mahmood Vakili, Azar Pirdehghan, Meisam Adimi, Mohamadreza Sadeghian, Mohsen Akhondi


Background: Cancer incidence rate is increasing in the world particularly in developing countries. The awareness regarding cancer incidence and distribution helps policy makers and researchers to design comprehensive plan for controlling cancer. The aim of this study was to determine the incidence rate and trend of cancer in Yazd Province, centeral Iran.

Methods: Data from Yazd cancer registry were derived from 2005 to 2009. Direct standardization through world standard population produced by the world health organization was used and Age- Standardized Incidence rate (ASR) was calculated. Data were analyzed using ASR, by EXCEL and SPSS software.

Results: The new cases of cancer were 4631 patients from 2005 to 2009. Mean age of these patients was 57.98 ±27.49 years and 53.5% were male. Female patients were approximately 5 years younger than males. The most frequent cancer was breast in women followed by skin, colorectal, hematologic system and stomach. The 5 most frequent cancers in men were skin, bladder, colorectal, stomach and prostate. The ASR in 2005 to 2009 was respectively 85.2, 86.1, 92.6, 102.2 and 104.7 per 100,000 populations.

Conclusions: ASR of cancer is increasing rapidly in Yazd Province. It is necessary to have a comprehensive health policy for prevention and control of this problem.


Cancer; Incidence; Epidemiology; Iran

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