Prevalence and Factors Associated with Methamphetamine Use among Adult Substance Abusers

Majid Barati, Mohammad Ahmadpanah, Alireza Soltanian


Background: The use of methamphetamine and other drugs among young adults has been a theme of growing interest and concern on the part of researchers and health associations. This paper reports recent use of methamphetamine and its relation with some demographic variables among substance users in west of Iran.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out on 559 substance users of Hamadan, western Iran recruited through a snowball sampling method in 2012. The participants received a self-administered questionnaire contained questions regarding substance use, reasons of drug abuse and pattern of MA use. Data were analyzed using SPSS software using Chi-square, Fisher's exact tests and logistic regression methods.

Results: A number of 248 (44.4%) people reported a history of having ever used methamphetamine and the mean drug abuse initiation age was 17.8 (SD= 3.9). According to the history, reducing effect of previous drug and resurfacing of new drug were common reasons associated with the changes in previous drug to use of methamphetamine. In multivariate analysis, ‘being single’ and higher school were obtained as independent predictors of methamphetamine use (P<0.001).

Conclusion: Methamphetamine use is common among adult substance abusers in Iran. Demographic, behavioral and psychosocial correlates of methamphetamine use identified in this research may be helpful for the development of preventive interventions.


Substance-Related Disorders; Methamphetamine; Drug Users; Psychotropic Drugs

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