An Intervention for Noise Control of Blast Furnace in Steel Industry

Rostam Golmohammadi, Omid Giahi, Mohsen Aliabadi, Ebrahim Darvishi


Background: Noise pollution is currently a major health risk factor for workers in industries. The aim of this study was to investigate noise pollution and implement a control intervention plan for blast furnace in a steel industry.

Methods: The measurement of sound pressure level (SPL) along with frequency analysis was done with the sound-level-meter Cell-450. Personal noise exposure was performed using dosimeter TES-1345 calibrated with CEL-282. Before planning noise controls, acoustic insulation properties of the furnace control unit and workers’ rest room were assessed. Control room and workers’ rest room were redesigned in order to improve acoustical condition.

Results: The SPL before intervention around the Blast Furnace was 90.3 dB (L) and its dominant frequency was 4000 Hz. Besides, noise transmission loss of the control and rest rooms were 10.3 dB and 4.2 dB, respectively. After intervention, noise reduction rates in the control and rest rooms were 27.4 dB and 27.7 dB, respectively. The workers’ noise dose before and after the intervention was 240% and less than 100%, respectively.

Conclusions: Improvement the workroom acoustic conditions through noise insulation can be considered effective method for preventing workers exposure to harmful noise.


Noise Control; Blast Furnace; Steel Industry; Workroom

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