Predictive Factors of Regular Physical Activity among Middle-Aged Women in the West of Iran, Hamadan: Application of PRECEDE Model

Shohreh Emdadi, Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Hazavehie, Alireza Soltanian, Saeed Bashirian, Rashid Heidari Moghadam


Background: Regular physical activity is important for midlife women. Models and theories help better understanding this behavior among middle-aged women and better planning for change behavior in target group. This study aimed to investigate predictive factors of regular physical activity among middle-aged women based on PRECEDE model as a theoretical framework.

Methods: This descriptive-analytical study was performed on 866 middle-aged women of Hamadan City western Iran, recruited with a proportional stratified sampling method in 2015. The participants completed a self-administered questionnaire including questions on demographic characteristics and PRECEDE model constructs and IPAQ questionnaire. Data were then analyzed by SPSS-16 and AMOS-16 using the Pearson correlation test and the pathway analysis method.

Results: Overall, 57% of middle-aged women were inactive (light level) or not sufficiently active. With SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) analysis, knowledge b=0.84, P<0.001, attitude b=0.799, P<0.001, self-efficacy b=0.633, P<0.001 as predisposing factor and social support as reinforcing factor b=0.2, P<0.001 were the most important predictors for physical activity among middle-aged women in Hamadan.

Conclusions: The framework of the PRECEDE model is useful in understanding regular physical activity among middle-aged women. Furthermore, results showed the importance of predisposing and reinforcing factors when planning educational interventions.


Predictive factors; Regular Physical Activity; Middle-aged Women; PRECEDE Model; Iran

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