Assessment of Marhame-Mafasel Pomade Effect on Knee Osteoarthritis with Non-Compliance

AR Soltanian, S Faghihzadeh, D Mehdibarzi, A Gerami, M Nasery, J Cheng


Background: Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent chronic non-infective joint arthritis. In the present study, the effect of new herbal pomade (Marhame-Mafasel) on knee osteoarthritis was investigated in a randomized trial. The objective of this study was to assess efficacy of Marhame- Mafasel pomade, which was consisted of several medic herbs like Arnebia euchroma and Martricaria chamomilla in primary osteoarthritis of the knee with non-compliance.

Methods: The 2×2 crossover trial enrolled 42 osteoarthritis patients (Marhame-Mafasel versus placebo) in 2006. The instrument of data collection was Western Ontario and McMaster Universities (WOMAC) LK3.1 standard questionnaires. We used conditional estimation to adjust non-compliance effect.

Results: The participants in each group were 21 patients. About 30 (71.4%) were female. The participants were between 40-76 years old. Positive analgesic effect of herbal pomade "Marhame-Mafasel" on knee osteoarthritis severity was considerable (P< 0.01). After adjusting results to compliance level, the estimators were sharper than crude results.

Conclusion: Herbal joint pomade "Marhame-Mafasel" has significant positive analgesic effect on primary knee osteoarthritis.


Osteoarthritis, Herbal medicine, Compliance, Randomized trials

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