The Relationship between the Worker's Safety Attitude and the Registered Accidents

MR Monazzam, A Soltanzadeh


Background: Millions of workers are the victims of different kinds of accidents every year throughout the world. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships between safety attitude and occurrence of the occupational accidents.

Methods: This investigation was a cross-sectional study performed in a gas refinery in south of Iran in 2008. Sample size of this study was 176 people. To determine the value of worker's safety attitude a validated 5 degrees questionnaire was used. Different statistic analyses including Chi-square, t-test and Logistic Regression were used by Spss11.5 to analyze the data. The Cronbachs alpha coefficient was found to be 0.97 in this investigation.

Results: In the study population, the average age was 31.67(+/- 5.89), the average work experience was 5.65 (+/- 4.29) and the average of the safety attitude was 188.52(+/- 14.84) and only 28.7% were injured through accidents. The relationship between safety attitude of the workers and the accidents occurred was significant (P< 0.0001).

Conclusion: The relationship between safety attitude of the workers and the accidents occurred was significant, although the relation was not significant for graduate workers. No significant relationship was found between safety attitude and accident in accordance with worker's age and work experience.


Safety attitude, Accident, Gas refinery, Unsafe behavior

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