Predicting Factors in Iron Supplement Intake among Pregnant Women in Urban Care Setting

Z Yekta, H Ayatollahi, R Pourali, A Farzin


Background: The world health organization estimates that 58% of pregnant women in developing countries are anemic. In spite of the fact that most ministries of health in developing countries have policies to provide pregnant women with iron supplementation, prevalence of maternal anemia has not declined significantly. The aim of this study was to assess adherence to the current recommendation in the local population and to describe factors associated with taking iron supplementation during pregnancy.

Methods: A questionnaire assessing the use of prenatal iron supplementation was distributed among women recently having delivered in Urmia, west Azerbaijan Province, northwest Iran. The questionnaire consisted of two sections. The first included demographic information and the second part covered questions regarding duration of iron supplementation, awareness of per partum anemia and management including benefits and side effects of iron supplementation. SPSS version 10 was used for statistical analysis; data were analyzed by Chi-Square and logistic regression.

Results: Eighty seven percent of participants took iron supplements for at least 4 months. Training during pregnancy was associated with longer duration of iron use. In logistic regression analysis nuliparity was the only variable, which remained in the model .Knowledge of participants on anemia, was obviously poor. Health care stuffs were the main source of information.

Conclusion: The compliance was rather high but knowledge of subjects was low. Therefore, increasing effort is required to mobilize health workers to distribute information on anemia prevention and using iron supplements properly.


Pregnancy, Iron supplement, Compliance, Iran

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