Management Development in Health Care Setting: A Training Model for Hospital Managers

P Raeissi, AA Nasiripour


Background: This study was conducted to design an on job-training model for the managers of the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) hospitals and any other similar setting.

Methods: A five dimensional model (i.e. knowledge, ability, managerial skills, personality attributes and attitudes) with 187 components was designed. The model was validated through seeking the view of experts and a field test. For the field test, a survey was done on 31 ISSO hospital managers to explore their views on the structure of the model and its components. The managers were asked to score each component on a five- point Likert scale as they thought it would affect their job performance.

Results: The model with 5 dimensions and 165 components was verified in the field test, and 104 out of 165 components of this model got high, 52 medium and nine low mean scores for influencing job performance of the managers. These findings reveal that most of the components selected in this project are justified to be included in the model. It also reflects the managers' needs for any formal and informal training program in future.

Conclusion: The needs of hospital managers at work go far beyond the knowledge and skills, which they have gained, via formal education in school. Therefore, in designing a training program for this group of professionals one should consider a multi-dimensional model in which "knowledge, ability, managerial skills, personality, and attitude dimensions" are all taken under consideration.


Management, growth & development, Hospital, Education, Model, Iran

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