Folic Acid Consumption in Fars Province, Southern Iran

MR Kadivar, F Moradi, SJ Massumi, R Shenavar


Background: Spina bifida and anencephaly are among serious and fatal anomalies in infants that may lead to a 50-70% of reduction in incidence when folic acid is consumed before conception.

Methods: In a cross sectional study, 2997 pregnant women were evaluated to determine the level of their knowledge and practice about using folic acid in Fars Province, southern Iran.

Results: Eighty percent of pregnant women were familiar with the name of folic acid, 44.7% had the knowledge of its importance during pregnancy, 31.2% and 8% had the knowledge about its effect in reduction of fatal and neurotic anomalies in fetuses, respectively. 86.6% consumed folic acid and 11% used it before awareness of their pregnancy.

Conclusion: Regarding the importance of the starting time of folic acid consumption in prevention of neural tube defects, the women should be trained in relation to starting of its consumption before conception.


Neural tube defects, folic acid, pregnancy, knowledge, practice, Iran

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