Health Approach in the control of Irregular Bleeding due to Depomedroxy Progesterone Acetate

M Arab, S Nasrolahi


Background: The main cause of discontinuing the use of depomedroxy progesterone acetate (DMPA) is irregular bleeding. This study compared placebo with two kinds of combined oral contraceptive pills including low dose (LDOCP) and high dose (HDOCP) on control of abnormal uterine bleeding in DMPA users.

Methods: Ninety DMPA users complaining of bleeding were studied in a triple blind randomized clinical trial. Bleeding days were observed for 4 mo. Analysis of results was done by SPSS for Windows.

Results: Age, education, and bleeding days in prior month were similar in all three groups. The bleeding in all three groups were reduced in the first, second, third and fourth months of the study comparing to the month before it. Although time factor was effective in all groups, considering combination of two factors, time and treatment methods including all visits, there was no significant change in duration of the 4 mo. However, significant changes were recorded in the first month in treatment group comparison with placebo.

Conclusion: Time is the main factor in reduction of irregular bleeding of DMPA users. Two kinds of OCP have important effects in quicker reduction or stoppage of bleeding, although not continuous in the following months.


Depo medroxy progesterone acetate, Contraception, Oral contraceptive, Irregular bleeding

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