The Effect of Various Stabilizers on Preserving Immunogenicity of Lyophilized Mumps Vaccines

Razieh Kamali Jamil, Mohammad Shayestehour, Zohreh-Azita Sadigh, Mohammad Taqavian, Mohammad-Kazem Shahkarami, Fatemeh Esna-Ashari, Reza Shahbazi, Ashraf Mohammadi, Abolhassan Foroughi, Bizhan Romani


Background: Chemical stabilizers are added to live attenuated vaccines for enhancing the virus stability. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of various stabilizers on preserving immunogenicity of lyophilized mumps vaccines.

Study design: An experimental study.

Methods: Three mumps vaccines with different formulations were inoculated to three groups of Guinea pigs. Sterile water was injected to eight Guinea pigs as a control group. Blood samples were collected before inoculation and on 14, 28 and 42 d after vaccine injection. Mumps antibodies in the sera were measured using hemagglutination inhibition assay (HAI).

Results: All three formulated mumps vaccines induced antibody in Guinea pigs after two weeks. Formulation 1 containing trehalose dihydrate and formulation 2 comprised human serum albumin stimulated antibodies in the higher level than Razi routine formulation.

Conclusions: Various stabilizers have different preservation potencies that differently affect immune response against virus. More stable and more immunogenic vaccines can be produced using stabilizers containing trehalose dihydrate.



Immunogenicity; Vaccine; Mumps Virus

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