Assessment of Serum Magnesium Fractions in Workers Exposed to Pb from Pb-Battery Plant

Ravibabu Kalahasthi, Barman Tapu


Background: Most of studies assessed the effect of Pb-exposure on serum total magnesium (tMg). The hypomagnesium condition depended on protein concentration in the sample and influence of lifestyle factors. This study assessed the effect of Pb- exposure on serum tMg, corrected Mg (cMg), ionized Mg (iMg), percentage of iMg from tMg, and percentage of iMg from cMg with contemplation of lifestyle factors.

Study design: Case control study.

Methods: The serum magnesium fractions were assessed in 176 male Pb-exposed workers in the year 2015 at Tamil nadu in India and 80 control subjects with no occupational exposure of Pb. The serum tMg and albumin concentrations were estimated using diagnostic kit methods. Blood lead levels (BLLs) were estimated using atomic absorbtion spectrophotometer method. The fraction of cMg and iMg were calculated from serum tMg and albumin concentration among individual subjects.

Results:The BLLs was significantly (P<0.001) increased in the study group as compared to control. Serum tMg, cMg, iMg, % of iMg from tMg and % of iMg from cMg concentrations were not significantly decreased in the study group as compared to control. Pb-exposure was significantly associated with abnormal frequency distribution of serum iMg (P=0.048) and % of iMg from tMg (P=0.016). Smoking habit was significantly associated with cMg (P=0.039) and % of iMg from cMg concentration (P=0.018). The alcohol consumption was significantly (P=0.049) associated with cMg.

Conclusion: The Pb-exposure and lifestyle factor such as smoking and alcohol consumption were associated with alteration of serum magnesium fractions.


Serum total magnesium; Ionized magnesium; Corrected magnesium; Pb-exposure; Pb- battery plant; lifestyle factors

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