Assessment of Male High School Students Knowledge and Attitude to HIV/AIDS in Hamadan, Iran

Jalal Abdi, Davoud Shojaie Zadeh, Kamal Azam, Azizollah Batebi


Background: The education of preventing HIV/AIDS among the students 1S one of the best methods to prevent the spread of AIDS Virus. The awareness of the students' knowledge about this disease is the first step in this way.

Methods: This descriptive-analytic study (cross-sectional) was done in Hamadan male high schools in 1383-84, By using a closed questionnaire, the data was collected from 409 students which had been chosen through the simple random and cluster sampling. The data were analyzed statistically by using the SPSS software.

Results: In this study ,there was a significant relationship between knowledge and age (P < 0.001),grade of education (P < 0.001),father job (P < 0.001) and source of information about AIDS (P < 0.001) And also, there was a significant relationship between attitude and age (P = 0.007), father education level(P = 0.003) ,mother education level (P = 0.030),grade of education (P < 0.001),father job (P < 0.001),and source of information about AIDS (P < 0.001).

Conclusions: Parents' and teachers' participation in transferring the information (related to sexual health, AIDS, and etc) is the fundamental basis for promotion of students knowledge and attitude.


Attitude ; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome ; Knowledge ; Students

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