Correlation between Continuation Rate of Using IUD Cu-T380A and Personal Factors in Tabriz Health Centers, Iran

Ensieh Jenabi, Sakineh Mohammad Azlizadeh, Reihaneh Ivan Bagha


Background: There are various variables such as the duration and the client consistency' in using a special contraceptive method as well as some individual determinants. which play important roles in optimal using of different contraceptive methods. IUD Cu- 380A is a safe and an effective method used by 12.5% urban women in East Azarbaijan. Correlation between continuation rate of using IUD Cu-T380A and personal factors were evaluated in this study.

Methods: This study was a cohort study with a sample population (401 women) and sampling method was randomization. All these women were using IUD (Cu-T380A) method as a single contraceptive method. Data collection process was started from March 21st 1997 until March 20th 1999. Data gathering tool was questionnaire. Statistical analysis methods were carried out through mean, standard deviations, Log Rank test and Kaplan Meier method in SPSS software.

Results: There was a significant correlation between continuation rate and variables such as precedence of IUD insertion, the number of live children, training about probability of bleeding increasing with IUD after insertion (p < 0.05).

Conclusions: The results of this study could help health authorities and care givers in terms of counseling the women desiring IUD insertion and the1r follow up. This factor could result in more satisfactory use and improved continuation rate using IUD.


Education ; Family Planning ;Intrauterine Devices

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