Pediculosis humanus capitis Prevalence as a Health Problem in Girl’s Elementary Schools, Southwest of Iran (2017-2018)

Hoda Ghofleh Maramazi, Mona Sharififard, Elham Jahanifard, Elham Maraghi, Mohammad Mahmoodi Sourestani, Amal Saki Malehi, Sima Rasaei


Background: Head lice as obligated ectoparasite is a public health concern. We aimed to determine the prevalence of Pediculus humanus capitis as public health concern among girl’s primary school in southwest of Iran.

Study design: A cross-sectional study.

Methods: This study was conducted in Karoon County, south-west of Khuzestan Province in Iran in 2017-2018. Totally, 851 students were interviewed randomly, examined by a medical entomologist and completed a questionnaire containing 18 questions based on individual, social, economic, cultural and health information. Results were presented as prevalence and percentages for qualitative variables and also, the data were analyzed by univariate logistic and multivariate regression models.

Results: About 199 (23.38%) girls were infected by head lice. Univariate logistic regression indicated that the prevalence of pediculosis was directly associated with the grade of education, father’s job, shared personal hygiene products, number of combing, having permanent head cover at home, infection in other members of the family and previous infection. Multivariate logistic regressions for predicting of head lice infection in girl students were reported permanent head cover at home (OR: 1.399, 95% CI: 0.934, 2.097, P=0.104), grade of education (OR: 1.948, 95% CI: 1.307, 2.905, P=0.001), father’s job (OR: 2.385, 95% CI: 1.518, 3.750, P<0.001), shared personal hygiene products (OR: 1.817, 95% CI: 1.224, 2.698, P=0.003) and using hair oil (OR: 1.904, 95% CI: 1.279, 2.836, P=0.002) had significant relation with head lice infestation

Conclusion: Head lice remind as serious health problem in Karoon County, southwest of Iran. Due to high infestation, periodic screening of the student is recommended for early detection and treatment.


Lice infestation; Pediculosis; Head lice

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