Trend of Determining Research Priorities in Hamadan Medical Sciences University

Gholamhosein Sadri, Hosein Mahjub, Ardashir Askari


Background: To achieve development goals in a country, having a research plan is necessary. Need assessment in health is the first stage of research priority aiming improves health condition in a population. The objective of this study was to determine a list of research projects according to the health problems priority in Ramadan province, Iran.

Methods: To determine research priorities in the studied population, information were obtained from different sources such, as discussion groups and questionnaire. Information from medical specialists and academic members were gathered using a questionnaire that was based on health problems and research priorities. Also, a qualitative study was performed for people views' an population health problems. A specialist team in health policy scored each obtained health problem. To evaluate the applied method, statistical method of factor analysis was used to provide a proper list of health problems and research priorities in the area.

Results: Totally, 58 main health problems were sorted. According to the priorities list, traffic accidents as well as providing safety water were on the top. The other main priorities were; drug abuse, healthy nutrition AIDS, STD, CHD, and diarrhea in children, management in health services, dental health services and medical insurance. The applied method of scoring for health priorities was compared with the factor analysis method. The correlation coefficient of scoring between the two methods was r=0.987. The total number of suggested research priorities was in 151 titles.

Conclusion: It was concluded that since the health problems in the population are growing, the only way to prevent the problems is to establish a system for evaluating and coring of heath problems.


Hamadan University of Medical Sciences ; Health ; Need assessment Research-trend

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