Economic Evaluation of "Day Care Ward" in Alborz Hospital of Karaj, Iran

Alireza Zohoor, Ali Asghar Abootorabi


Background: Nowadays the most important challenge facing each hospital is increasing costs related to providing inpatient services. Moreover with over night patient stay in hospital, treatment costs are imposed on the patient and hospital. Also the patient is exposed to different kinds of hospital-acquired infection, drug complications; his mental physical and psychological well being might be threatened. Nowadays, in developed countries over 70% of elective surgical operations are being done using the "Day Care Ward" consequently there is a 60% reduction in costs. In Iran although, since 1997 surgery by day care method has started formally and there are only a few studies showing quality assessment of this plan.

Methods: The present study was carried out by a comparative cross - sectional method during the second half of the year 2003 in order to evaluate the "Day Care Ward" in Alborz Hospital. The data about costs of 10 surgical operations were collected by a check - list during 4 months prior and after establishing the "Day Care Ward". The checklist vas designed on the basis of 17 expense items performed for the patients. Data were gathered by the statistical information from financial department surgery, medical records department, official department, store drafts, operation room and the "Day Care Ward" records.

Results: On the basis of the results of this study, the highest level of decline in costs came from nursing personnel, supportive personnel and general services expenditures.

Conclusion: Taking in to consideration the benefits of savings in most general operations and the need for beds vacancy, the practicality of the "Day Care" is becoming more attractive and economical. As results establishing a "Day Care" department to cut down on expenses and freeing hospital beds for most general and elective operations in this unit is highly recommended.


Cost-Benefit Analysis ; Economic Evaluation; Hospitals

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