The Opinions of Health Undergraduate• Students about the Contents of Biostatistics Course Related to Their Professional Needs in Isfahan, Iran

Mehdi Tazhibi, Mehri Rejali, Mahnaz Mostajeran


Background: Although many countries had improvement in heath system in last twenty years but expense of research and its difficulties does not allow managers to solve their problems by doing research. If we accept that biostatistics is one of the scientific tools for research, we imply that in all domains of health system research applying statistical techniques is essential. This study was performed to evaluate the opinions of health undergraduate students about the contents of biostatistics course related to their professional needs in Isfahan, Iran.

Methods: A questionnaire was sent to all health undergraduate students who are working in health centers of Isfahan since 1991. Totally 199 filled questionnaire had sent back. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS.

Results: In this research it found that only 3% of graduate students were recognized statistical variables completely. Only 11.1 % of the studied people knew the application of central indices. It was found that only 8% are capable to show data by tabulating and drawing histograms. Totally, 70.9% of undergraduate students mentioned that lecture notes and books are the main resources of learning. Also, 56.9% mentioned that, having good books focus on application of statistics has an important role in learning the statistics.

Conclusion: According to the results of the present study, we concluded that teaching the theoretical subjects of the biostatistics method is not enough and should be accompanied by actual practice.


Attitude ; Biometry ;Education; Students Allied Health

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