A Study of Prevalence of Tinea Pedis in the Staff of Hamadan Sina Hospital, Iran, 1999

A Zamanian, H Nazeri


Background: Tinea pedis is probably the commonest form of dermatophy10ses in developed countries and is one of the public heath problems. The wearing of shoes and resultant maceration of toe cleft predisposes to this condition. The aim of this survey was study of conditions and prevalence or tinea pedis in health stave of Hamadan, Sina hospital.

Methods: A quality descriptive cross sectional study was carried out on 156 individuals whose diseases were diagnosed based on clinical and laboratory assays in 1999.

Results: The prevalence of tinea pedis was 4.48% (7 cases) both microscopically and by culture. T.mentagrophytes was the main agent of the disease.

Conclusions: The prevalence of tinea pedis in this special occupational unit was almost parallels the prevalence of Hamadan community (4.5 versus 5%). These infections were found only in men.


dermatophytose ;tinea pedis; Hamadan; Iran

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