The Prevalence of Overt Diabetes, Impaired Glucose Tolerance and Determining Predictive Factors on Diabetes in Women with Gestational Diabetes in Shahroud City, Iran

Maryam Keshavarz


Background: Reported data from developed countries showed that annually a high percentage of health budgets consume for controlling and treatment of complications in diabetes disease. Early diagnosis of diabetes, education and health cares, not only prevent progress of disease and complications but also it is cost effective.

Methods: For gestational diabetes screening, all pregnant women attending to the health clinics and private clinics in Shahroud City, Iran, were studied in a follow-up study. Women with gestational diabetes, 6-8 weeks after delivery, were tested with 75g glucose. Then, the women were diagnosed to three groups: normal, impaired glucose tolerance (JOT) and overt diabetes.

Results: From 63 pregnant women with previous gestational diabetes, 48 women (76.2%) were normal, seven women (11.1%) JOT and eight (12.7 %) got overt diabetes .In overt diabetes group, the age (35.62±5.42), gravidity (4.5±3.38) and parity (3.25±3) were greater than the IGT and the normal group (P < 0.001). In women with overt diabetes, the rate of still birth (57.1 %), gestational hypertension (42.9%), pre-term labor (28.6%), hydramniose (28.6%), abortion (12.5%), respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) (60%), hypoglycemia (60%) and resuscitation (14.3%) in neonate had statistical differences with the normal group. All women with overt diabetes and 42.9% of the IGT group got insulin during pregnancy.

Conclusion: As possibility of early diagnosis of over diabetes and prevention of complications in women with previous ODM, is very important. So, postpartum screening in these women is recommended. It is seems that the high age, glycosuria in pregnancy, history of family diabetes, FBS positive in OTT, require to insulin during pregnancy maternal and neonatal complications in women with ODM are the predictive factors to appear overt diabetes after delivery . 


Diabetes, Gestational;Diabetes Mellitus ; Glucose Tolerance Test

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