Sexual Violence in Women with HIV Positive Spouse and Their Mental Health

Saman Torkashvand, Azar Pirdehghan, Nasrin Jiriaee, Mahsan Hoseini, Mohammad Ahmadpanah


Background: Sexual violence (SV) against women is one of the most important issues in women's health. We aimed to investigate the related variable for SV against women with HIV spouse and its relationship with mental problems in them.

Study design: A cross-sectional study.

Methods: This study was performed on 143 women referred to Hamadan and Malayer Risky Behavior Related Disease Clinic (Triangular Clinic), located in Comprehensive Health Service centers, Iran in 2019. SV and mental problems were assessed using standard questionnaires, based on interview. All analyses performed using SPSS. The significance level of all analyses was considered 0.05.

Results: Totally, 407 HIV+ patients were diagnosed from 1998 to 2018, in Hamadan and Malayer cities. We assessed the wives of survivors who allowed about SV. Mean of SV in women with HIV positive spouse was significantly higher than control group (P=0.004). Among all variables, unsafe sex, extramarital relationship, smoking, alcohol, multi-partner and suicide were significantly related to SV; but age, living area, educational status, income and job in both men and women had not statically significant relationship with SV.

Conclusion: SV besides its complications and mental problems in women with HIV positive spouses must be considered in interventional programs in order to improve sexual rights in this vulnerable group in the future.


Sex offenses; HIV; Women’s health

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