Consumption Frequency of Milk and its Products among Female Students of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Parvin Pour-Abdolahi, Fariba Hakeshzadeh


women's health. Although calcium deficiency intake is only one of the factors that effects bone fractures, there are many evidences that sufficient calcium have direct effect in bone density and reverse effect upon bone fractures rate.

Methods: This study is a descriptive cross-sectional type. A sample of 271 female students in Tabriz Medical Sciences University, aged 20-25 years was studied in 2001. For the selected people a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) about milk and milk products were studied.

Results: The findings indicated 23.6% of the persons, did not use milk, cheese and yogurt daily. Additionally 19.6% did not drink milk at all. Reasons for not consumption milk in the majority of persons were for disliking the milk. Of the all persons, 49.6% consumed milk with caffeine containing beverage for example, tea, coffee and Nescafe. The mean and standard deviation of milk serving consumption and its substitutes among persons under study were 2.21±1.49. Totally 49.6% persons had less than two serving, 23.9% between 2-3 serving and 25.8% had more than 3 serving in milk and other milk products in daily diet. The average daily calcium milk intake and its products was 482.8±377.5 mg that 36.6% of it by milk and the reminder was supplied of other milk products.

Conclusion: The present evidence shows that required intake of sufficient calcium for growing maximum bone mass is until 30-40 years old. The persons who received maximum bone mass during the period, have less bone fractures in elderly. According to the obtained results, almost the half of persons is exposed to calcium insufficiency and its occurrence in elderly. Thus it is necessary for osteoporosis prevention aspects to advise women and promote their awareness about milk consumption as a source of calcium.


Food Frequency ; Milk ; Students

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