The Positive Predictive Value of Physicians at Kerman Emergency Services

Parvin Borhanii, Ali Reza Zohoor


Background: Tins research was conduced to estimate the positive predictive value of physicians at Kerman emergency services for traumatic patients who referred to Radiology Department of Kerman hospital in 2001.

Methods: This study was a cross-sectional study and carried out on 353 patients. A questionnaire was used as a research instrument.

Results: Three radiologists reported the films separately and patients were followed for 24 hours. According to the results the positive predictive value was 36% for hand, 29% for foot, 6% for vertebral colon, 4% for skull and face, 13% for pelvic, 6% for ribs and 25% for clavicle.

Conclusion: The comparison of positive predictive value of physicians in this study with the physicians in other countries showed that the quality of emergency services in Kennan is low. It seems necessary to employ specialists who have sufficient expertises and adequate knowledge in patient management.


Diagnosis; Emergency Services ; Radiography ; X-Ray-adverse effects

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