The Survey of Women's Knowledge, Attitude and Practice about Prevention of Breast Cancer in Kerman City

Sakineh Sabzevari, Sakineh Mohammadalizadeh, Fariba Borhanii, Shahnaz Zohreh Kermani


Background: Fighting against cancers includes management in prevention, early treatment, and rehabilitation. This research is a descriptive study that was done to determine the women's knowledge attitude and practice about prevention of breast cancer. Methods: The sample of this research included 630 women in Kerman city, more than 15 years old, that selected in several stages (cluster, randomized, systematic) . For data gathering a questionnaire was used and for data analysis ANOVA, kruskal-walis, Tukey χ2 and regression (Pearson) were used.

Results: Results showed most of women had weak to moderate knowledge. Women who were employed with diploma and higher educational level had more awareness than others. Also most of women had positive or impartial attitude, and positive attitude in employed women and those with higher educational level was more than others. In practice no body had proper practice (P < 0.05). Results showed no relationship among knowledge, attitude and practice.

Conclusion: Results indicated that health services members have an important role in increasing knowledge and improving health behavior in prevention of cancers.


Attitude ; Breast Neoplasm's -prevention & control;Knowledge ; Practice

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