A Survey on the Knowledge and Practice of 20-65 Year Old Kerman City Population about Elderly Health

Maryam Saber, Abbas Bahrampour, Vahid Hashemi


Moreover if the main aim of hygiene in the last century was only " to be alive", in this century it has been changed to" living with the best quality". The problems of old age cannot be treated in the elderly, but these problems can be prevented by adequate planning in childhood, adolescence and young periods. In this analytic descriptive study the degree of knowledge and practice of 20-65 year old population of Kerman city in relation to old age hygiene have been studied based on demographic features. For this purpose the city was divided to 30 regions and 23-24 individuals from each region were collected by cluster sampling. Based on the results there was significant difference among all three age (20-34, 35-49, 50-65) groups in relation to knowledge and practice. There was no significant difference in knowledge between men and women. Unmarried subjects showed better knowledge and practice in comparison to married subjects (P < 0.001).


Age; Elderly Health; Knowledge; Practice

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