Mother's knowledge Regarding to Prevention of Domestic Gas Accidents in Kerman, Iran.

Pooran Afsharzadeh, Sakineh Mohammadalizadeh


This research is a descriptive study which carried out to determine knowledge of mothers in Kerman about prevention of domestic natural gas accidents in 2000. The number of sample was calculated 431 mothers that the calculation was done according the result of pilot study. The random cluster sampling method was used in this study. Data collection tool was an investigator – made questionnaire included demographic characteristics (11 questions) and 20 multiple choice questions about knowledge of s subjects. Mean and standard deviation of knowledge score were 14.27 and 2.80 respectively. The comparison of total knowledge score in terms of personal characteristics and variables related to gas, revealed significant differences on age (P < 0.01), Educational level ( P < 0.001 ),having domestic gas (P < 0.001) and receiving Educational booklet about prevention of domestic gas accidents  (P < 0.001).


Accidents; Domestic Gas ; Knowledge; Prevention

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