Evaluating Clinical Course and Risk Factors of Infection and Demographic Characteristics of Pregnant Women with COVID-19 in Hamadan Province, West of Iran

Mahtab Sattari, Saeed Bashirian, Seyedeh Zahra Masoumi, Arezoo Shayan, Ensiyeh Jenabi, Samereh Ghelichkhani, Azam Ali Shirzadeh, Ebrahim Jalili, Shohreh Alimohammadi


Background: COVID-19 is a new viral disease with a rapid outbreak. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of contracting viral infections including COVID-19. We aimed to evaluate the clinical course and risk factors of pregnant women diagnosed with COVID 19 in Hamadan Province, west of Iran.

Study design: A retrospective cohort study.

Methods: The convenience sampling was performed using 50 papers and electronic files of pregnant women diagnosed with COVID-19 according to the WHO’s temporary guidelines. They were hospitalized in health centers and clinics of Hamadan Province. The data-collecting tool employed was a researcher-made questionnaire. The data were analyzed via SPSS software version 19.

Results: The mean age of pregnant women with COVID 19 was estimated to be 29.20 ± 5.8 yr and their average gestational age estimated to be 28.8 ± 8.20 weeks. About 32% of them had an underlying disease, 32% a history of influenza, and 40% recently traveled to infected areas. The most common findings were CT scans and multiple mottling and ground-glass opacity chest radiology. The most common symptoms were fever, cough, and shortness of breath. About 8% of the women required ICU hospitalization and the average length of hospital stay was 4.04 ± 2.38 and 29% had premature births. Moreover, 28% of infected mothers had a normal delivery and 20% had a cesarean section.

Conclusion: Early diagnosis of Covid-19 disease is essential in pregnant women. Because there is a possibility of worsening complications in the mother and fetus.


COVID-19; Demography; Risk Factors; Pregnant Women; Coronavirus

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