Prevalence of HIV and Syphilis in Patients Attending Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Clinic in an Urban Slum

Saurabh Rambiharilal Shrivastava, Prateek Sudhakar Bobhate


Background: People with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) constitute the high-risk group for transmission of HIV. The present study was planned to estimate the prevalence of HIV and syphilis in patients attending STI Clinic and to assess the socio-demographic determinants of the study subjects.

Methods: A cross sectional descriptive study of three-month duration was undertaken from January to March 2011 in STI clinic in an Urban Health Center. Method of sampling was universal sampling i.e. all patients attending the STI Clinic were included as subjects. After obtaining their informed consent subjects were interviewed face to face using pre-tested, semi-structured questionnaire. Questionnaire included information about clinical history, socio-demographic characteristics, and details regarding high-risk behavior and contact history. All subjects were clinically examined for presence of any ulcer or discharge, etc. Participants were subjected to HIV, VDRL and microscopic examination for vaginal discharge. Subjects and partners were managed as per National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) guidelines. Symptoms of subjects were again evaluated after 14 days at the time of follow up visit.

Results: Prevalence of HIV was 8.5% while that of syphilis was 5.9% and that in transgender was 25% and 12.5% respectively with majority in 20-40 yr age group and marital status and education playing significant role. Bacterial vaginitis was the most common infection found in 41(42.3%) subjects. Significant association was observed between number of sexual partners, homosexual and bisexual behavior, as well as sero-positivity for HIV and syphilis (P<0.001).

Conclusion: There is a need of scaling up of efforts for high-risk groups to discourage their high-risk behavior and thus bring down the prevalence of HIV and syphilis amongst them.


HIV,Syphilis,VDRL,Sexually Transmitted Infections, India

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