Effect of Health Education Program on Promoting Physical Activity among Diabetic Women in Mashhad, Iran: Applying Social Cognitive Theory

Mehr Sadat Mahdizadeh, Nooshin Peymam, Ali Taghipour, Habibolah Esmaily, Seyed Mousa Mahdizadeh


Background: Physical activity regularly is one of the important aspects of healthy lifestyle, which has an essential role in reducing the burden of disease and death. Diabetes is a typical general health problem. The aim of this study to determine the effect of education based on social cognitive theory on promoting physical activity among women with diabetes II in Iran.

Methods: In this randomized control study, 82 diabetic females were randomly selected then were assigned into two groups: intervention (n=41) and control (n=41). Educational intervention was planned then performed during 7 sessions of 60-min in accordance with social-cognitive theory (SCT). The participants were asked to fill in the questionnaires in educational evaluation before and immediately after intervention and the follow up (10 weeks later). The data were analyzed through Repeated Measures ANOVA, Friedman, independence t and Mann-Whitney tests.

Results: The mean age among the participants was 48.37±5.67 yr also the body mass index was 28.69±3.95. In the intervention group, light physical activity and sedentary behavior reduced from 56.1% (23 individuals) to 14.6% (6 individuals) in the following up stage. There was significant improvement across time in the mean of minute's physical activity (P=0.042). There were significant differences in the mean's constructs of the Social-cognitive theory (SCT) (P<0.05).

Discussion: Design and execution of training program based on social cognitive theory can lead to promote physical activity among women with diabetes II through changes in the theoretical constructs.


Health Education; Psychological theory; Diabetes mellitus (II); Motor activity

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