Vol 3, No 1 (2003)

Winter & Spring (Persian)

Table of Contents


Original Articles

Evaluation of Water Chemical Quality in Sub-basins of Gamasiab River PDF XML
Safar Marofi, Ahmad Joneidi Jafari Pages: 3-9
Microbial, pH and Chlorine Assessment of the Swimming Pools Water in Hamadan City PDF XML
Rasool Yousefi-Mashouf, Mohammad Reza Samarghandi, Alireza Rajabinegad, Maryam Ahmadi, Faezeh Nazarieh Pages: 10-14
The Role of Screening Program on Early Diagnostic of Diabetes in Yazd Azad Shahr PDF XML
Abas Ali Dehghani Tafti, Mohammad Hasan Ehrampoush, Mohammad Reza Mashahiri, Mohammad Reza Heidari Pages: 15-19
Health Conditions of the Industrial Animal Husbandries in Sari During 2000-2001 PDF XML
Mohammad Ali Ghajar Kohestani Pages: 20-28
Patients Satisfaction with Provided Services in Tehran Akbarabady Hospital in 2003 PDF XML
Ali Reza Zohoor, Zakiyeh Piry Pages: 29-34
Early Detection and Screening of Cervical Cancer in Hamadan City During 1998-2002 PDF XML
Shohreh Alimohammadi, Mehrangiz Zamani Pages: 35-38
Stress and Job Satisfaction of Laborers and its Relationship with Physical Factors of Work Environment in a Hamadan's Factory PDF XML
Yadollah Hamidi, Rostam Golmoliammadi, Sakineh Mahdavi, Akram Lak Pages: 39-43
Study of Bread Quality and Hygienic Condition of Rafsanjan's Bakeries PDF XML
Mohammad Malakootian, Mahshid Loloei Pages: 44-50

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