J Res Health Sci. 2023;23(4): e00597.
doi: 10.34172/jrhs.2023.132
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Original Article

Stunting Among Children Under Two Years in the Islands Areas: A Cross-sectional Study of the Maluku Region in Indonesia, 2021

Hastin Dyah Kusumawardani 1* ORCID logo, Agung Dwi Laksono 1, Taufik Hidayat 1, Sri Supadmi 1, Leny Latifah 1, Sri Sulasmi 1, Hadi Ashar 1, Muhammad Arif Musoddaq 1

1 National Research and Innovation Agency, Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
*Corresponding Author: Hastin Dyah Kusumawardani, Email: hastin.dyah.kusumawardani@brin.go.id


Background: The Maluku region encompasses thousands of islands. The study analyzed factors related to stunting among children under two years old in the Maluku Region of Indonesia.

Study Design: A cross-sectional study.

Methods: This cross-sectional study examined 4764 children under two years. In addition to nutritional status (stature), the study analyzed ten independent variables (province, residence, maternal age, marital status, maternal education, employment, wealth, children’s age, gender, and early initiation of breastfeeding [EIBF]). Finally, the contribution of various factors to stunting was examined using logistic regression.

Results: Children in Maluku province were 1.13 times more likely than those in North Maluku province to become stunted. In addition, children aged 12-13 months were 4.09 times more likely than<12 months, and boys were 1.87 times more likely than girls to have the patterns of stunting. Children in rural areas were 1.10 times more likely to become stunted than those in urban areas (95% confidence interval: 1.06, 1.14). Divorced/widowed mothers were 1.88 times more likely than married mothers. Mothers of all education levels were more likely than those without formal education, and unemployed mothers were 1.07 times more likely than employed mothers to have stunted children. The possibility of becoming stunted was lower when the children were wealthier.

Conclusion: Nine variables were related to stunted incidence, including province, residence, maternal age, marital status, maternal education, employment, wealth, children’s age, and gender.

Please cite this article as follows: Kusumawardani HD, Laksono Ad, Hidayat T, Supadmi S, Latifah L, Sulasmi S, et al. Stunting among children under two years in the Islands areas: a cross-sectional study of the Maluku Region in Indonesia, 2021. J Res Health Sci. 2023; 23(4):e00597. doi:10.34172/jrhs.2023.132
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Submitted: 14 Aug 2023
Revision: 28 Oct 2023
Accepted: 03 Dec 2023
ePublished: 29 Dec 2023
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