J Res Health Sci. 2023;23(4): e00599.
doi: 10.34172/jrhs.2023.134
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Original Article

The Relation of Social-ecological Factors and Health Literacy to Medical Students’ Alcohol Use Behavior in Hubei Province, China

Meihua Yin 1 ORCID logo, Suneerat Yangyuen 1* ORCID logo, Thidarat Somdee 1

1 Faculty of Public Health, Mahasarakham University, Mahasarakham Province, Thailand
*Corresponding Author: Suneerat Yangyuen, Email: suneerat.y@msu.ac.th


Background: Health literacy (HL) plays a crucial role in the adolescent’s behavior. Inadequate HL can contribute to engaging in risky alcohol consumption, but little is known about this relationship among medical students. We aimed to investigate the relationship between HL and alcohol use among Chinese medical students.

Study Design: A cross-sectional design.

Methods: This research was conducted on 1146 medical students in Hubei province, China. The data were collected using a web-based online questionnaire. Multiple logistic regression was applied to investigate factors related to alcohol use.

Results: Approximately 45.3% of medical students were drinkers, about 11.5% were hazardous drinkers, and 33.8% were low-risk drinkers; furthermore, about 49.3% of them reported lower levels of HL. In both the low-risk and hazardous drinking groups, the subjects who had low levels of all six dimensions of HL were more likely to use alcohol after adjusting for other covariates, including cognitive skill (adjORfor low-risk=3.50; 95% CI: 2.41, 5.07, adjORhazardous=2.07; 95% CI: 1.22, 3.51), access skill (adjORfor low-risk=2.11; 95% CI: 1.46, 3.05, adjORhazardous=2.40; 95% CI: 1.37, 4.19), communication skill (adjORfor low-risk=1.72; 95% CI: 1.20, 2.47, adjORhazardous=2.21; 95% CI: 1.22, 4.00), self-management skill (adjORfor low-risk=1.73; 95% CI: 1.15, 2.59, adjORhazardous=4.01; 95% CI: 1.91, 8.44), media skill (adjORfor low-risk=1.50; 95% CI: 1.01, 2.23, adjORhazardous=4.68; 95% CI: 2.15, 10.17), and decision skill (adjORfor low-risk=2.12; 95% CI: 1.49, 3.00, adjORhazardous=2.25; 95% CI: 1.35, 3.74).

Conclusion: Inadequate HL plays an important role in increasing alcohol use. Thus, prevention and intervention strategies should be based on improving medical students’ HL.

Please cite this article as follows: Yin M, Yangyuen S, Somdee T. The relation of social-ecological factors and health literacy to medical students’ alcohol use behavior in Hubei province, China. J Res Health Sci. 2023; 23(4):e00599. doi:10.34172/jrhs.2023.134
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Submitted: 27 Aug 2023
Revision: 11 Oct 2023
Accepted: 19 Oct 2023
ePublished: 29 Dec 2023
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